The word "Boriken" is the original name for the island of Puerto Rico prior to the Spanish invasion. The name means...

"The Great Land of the Valiant and Noble Lords"  -or-  "Land of The Great Lords"

Thus, Boriken Warrior means "Warrior of the Valiant and Noble Lords" or "Warrior from the Land of the Great Lords".
As I see it...
    When someone sees the above "Boriken Warrior", the first thought which comes to mind is a warrior who fights with the use of an ax, spear or arrow.  In today's world, as I see it, a Boriken Warrior is one who fights intelectually, with thought, heart, honesty and honor. This is a person, male or female, who honors their Native American heritage and culture and strives to keep it alive. One who denies the common thought that their culture is dead and against all odds keeps the spirit of their ancestors alive.

    Boriken Warrior applies to all... Native Taino, Apache, Cree, does not matter. If you are Native American Indian and you continue the legacy handed to you thru the generations, then you are a " A Warrior of the Valiant and Noble Lords" of your tribe.

    And most importantly, you need not have Native American blood flowing within your veins. If you have honor and respect and fight alongside us with dignity and reverence, then you too are a "Boriken Warrior".  -Koa-
                            Boriken Warrior Mission Statement

- To create the finest photographic imagery  of the Native American Taino Indian Tribe of the Caribbean. To produce these images in a way that will bring dignity and honor to the culture.  To maintain accuracy as much as possible and to bring this amazing culture to the attention of the world.
-You have not lived till you have died-
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