WoW!...this is Awsome! - Pantherman3-
Gorgeous pictures and I love the nature scenery. Puertorrican/Taino women are so beautiful, inside and out. -NaturVita-
Que cosa!! En realidad nos vemos dia a dia los tainos en nosotros. Estas imagenes nos permiten ver las caracteristicas aun vivas en nuestro DNA!! Tremendo trabajo!!! -yariboricua-
hermoso very beatiful pics of my culture loved it -808naty -
wow i didn't know puerto rico had natives also cool -key11207 -
To be Boricua is something special once you free your mind from the chains this government has put us in. Boricua warriors where among the greatest of all warriors know thru all the Taino empire. Borikenwarrior you are a brave lord from the land of the brave lords "Boriken"                                                                                                            -yuccayequez-
Boriken Warrior Studios
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Bo Matun "Thank you"
These are just a few of our beautiful Taino faces. We are still here. May Yaya and Atabei bless our Taino people every where.                                                                                  -Domingo12754-
this is awesome.... beautiful photographs -wicketlyme -
excelentes retras de la naturaleza y los modelos demuestraron una esencia taino del pasado. espero que uno puede publicar exclusivamente de nuestros lineajes, pero los tainos tenia un cuenta de history vocal y los europeos nadamas lo escriben por los ojos y cabezas de ellos nadamas -jeshaya-
Some of the hottest Taino babes I've ever seen. Que lindas!                                                                                          Alxscode-
Beautiful memories,a people who lived in beauty! Who live now around you bringing those memories to life. -Sylpheix-
beautiful! -Ivettina -
I love the strong contrast. In one word, POWERFUL                                                                  -anonymous-
thank you for trying to depict my culture in a real way! the pictures are beatiful!!! -anonymous-
me hicieron llorar. me acordaron firmaron la pelicula raices eternas  -fam. Arroyo, Aguadilla-
The photos are awsome! You definetly have a talect. What are the prices like? -anonymous-
Your images are wonderful works of art, very beautiful and soulful. I enjoyed them very much -anonymous-
Oracion: I have never seen a more beautiful people. I have never been so proud. Beautiful photos. -anonymous-
I think that your collection is like nothing I have ever seen. Keep up the priceless work. -anonymous-
You have such a spiritual photographic eye. Love it! -anonymous-
Beautiful images. Makes me yearn for a more natural existence. Looks like Eden! -anonymous-
Thank you -Sonia Rodriguez-
Thank you for doing research into our culture and capturing the true spirit of our ancestors, -anonymous-
Your work is amazing! Composition is superb! Thanks for sharing! -mspriss2ya-
Whisper of Love: Koa- your work is breath taking  -anonymous-
La Ventana de los Dioses: I could look at these images all day!!                                                                                    -  Crystal (Mpix)-
The simplistic beauty found within your photographs brought joy to my heart -anonymous-
Your photos have blown me away. as a Taino I thank you for taking on this work. -anonymous-
Eager to learn about the Taino Indians and see how they were. I have to say, Great Photos. The pictures are awsome. -anonymous-
Your work is amazing. Each photo tells a really worth a thousand words. Great job!! -anonymous-
i am hawaiian-rican and your pictures are as great as jay bruans pictures of hawaii hula -anonymous-
I was extremely emotional and am proud to be a decendant of these noble people. -anonymous-
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Beautiful work!! "in-touch-with-nature-and-spirit"!!
                       -Art by Antonio via Model Mayhem- 
Beautiful work!! "in-touch-with-nature-and-spirit"!!
                               -Roque Jass via Model Mayhem-
This should be on movie poster. Well done.
                      -JWB2 via Model Mayhem-
Fantastic image of tenderness.
-Dave Scott Photography via Model Mayhem-
This is an incredibly beautiful, touching and thought provoking image.
                                                    -Belle Morte via Model Mayhem-
IAmazing! love the concept. work like this makes me proud to know I also have taino blood. :) keep up the great work. good luck with the development of your game.
                                                                       -Ivette Nazario via Model Mayhem-
Captivating indeed -Torey Suarez vis Model Mayhem-
I definitely feel captured in the moment! <3 -Rachel Kahn via Model Mayhem-
This brings a smile to my face:) -Miss Jayna via Model Mayhem-
This is absolutely GORGEOUS! Love your port!
                               -JoJo via Model Mayhem-
Gorgeous model. Love the concept you have going on with these shots.                                                                   -Omaroo via Model Mayhem-
breath taking, I want to go there and shoot! Beautiful work, AMAZING
                                                 -Shea Kimbro via Model Mayhem-
esta imagen esta bellisima. "Amor Taino" parece de una novela o un documentario. Very well done!
                        -Lisandra Sanchez Pagan via Model Mayhem-
Increible. Me encanta este imagen. Bellisismo. Alex
         -Alex Dominguez Morales via Model Mayhem-