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You may be curious about the Taino culture and wish to do more research on the subject. The links below have been included for your convenience and are sure to provide more information as well as inspiration.

Note: The links have been researched and have been found to be active and relevant to the Taino Indians. However, many sites close down or change their address. Boriken Warrior Studios will do it's best to randomly check  links for activity. If you find one that is no longer active, please drop us a line so we can research the link or take it off the list.

Boriken Warrior Studios will be adding pertinent links as time allows. If you know of a site or are the owner of one which you would like us to list here, let us know and if it's relevant to the subject matter, we will have it included ASAP. Happy Surfing!     -Koa-
Taino / Arawak Organizations
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