The   Best   That   God   Intended
Isamar Vilanova
Koa with models on location during shoot (2005)
Koa painting  Ivonne Y. Velez Gonzalez  (2006)
Koa and Ivonne during shoot (2006)
     Koa with Irseris J. Agosto,
Gloria Rodriguez and family (2004)
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Modeling Opportunities
Our T/F Photo Sessions run from March 1st to October 1st of each year.

How we work:
All modeling news, contacts and announements are done via our Facebook page. Click Here

Boriken Warrior Studios is a two person operation. My wife tells me what to do and I do it. Simple and efficient. We are therefore small, compact and stress free.

1) Send us a friend Request. Keep in mind that this page is an annex to our main web site. It is primarily MODELS ONLY, MUA's (Make Up Artists), Hair Stylists or those directly involved with Modeling Agencies. We also look forward to having those within the Taino community become part of the Boriken Warrior Family.

2) The Facebook page is used to communicate News and articles of interest to models. It is also used to give updates on Boriken Warrior Studios as well as Casting Calls.

3) Once there, simply do nothing. You will get regular news and articles regarding the modeling community. No rants, politics, religion or cute cat pictures. If it is not of interest to you as a model, it does not get posted.

4) Paid Casting Calls are rare and will be released via general posts when available. Specific directions will be provided which will include a link so you can see the concept offered. Visuals and text will be provided for this purpose. If you like what you see and want to participate, then let us know. If not, then simply do nothing and wait for the next casting call to ring your bells. All other sessions are T/F and at the models discretion.

5) We are easy to contact. I am Koa and you may contact me via Facebook Instant Message or Skype (BorikenWarrior).

6) Paid Casting Calls, when available,  will be filled with a Primary and Secondary model. If the first model cannot make it, then the secondary is next up.

7) IMPORTANT: If you are not on the Boriken Warrior Studios Models FB page, you will not be considered for any photo sessions. No exceptions!

8) We currently only offer TF shoots. We are looking to one day offer paid sessions. When that will happen...?

9) Look thru this site, this is what we do. If you feel you are unable to pose in that state of undress, no problem. You are still invited and encouraged to join the Facebook page, even if it's for the modeling news, free book links and articles.

10) Well behaved guests are always welcome. We ask that you limit your guests to no more than three. Guests will be required to sign a "Participants Release Agreement."

11) "Models Release" and  "Participants Release Agreement" forms must be signed prior to session. (click "Model release Forms" link at top of this page). 

12) REMINDER! You do not have to wait for a Casting Call to do a TF Photo Session with us. If you live in Puerto Rico or are here visiting and would like to set something up outside of a Casting Call, then let us know. You can bring up a concept or we can do it for you.

-For Boriken Warrior Studios-
1)Models on our Facebook page are interested in the work we do. That means we can target our casting calls to only those who are interested and available instead of contacting models who's interests lay elsewhere.

2) We get to know our models personalities, needs and their sense of humour. Our models love to laugh!

-For you, the model-
1) Our casting calls are directed towards you and others who are interested in working specifically with us.

2) You receive casting call notices immediately. No need to wait for them to show anywhere else and hope you see it. No more waiting and hoping to be contacted personally.

3) You do not have to respond to the casting call if not interested. Usually, a model is contacted by a photographer. Model has the option to reply or not. Do you? With us, you reply only if interested. If not, do nothing. This saves you the time and effort of responding if you are not interested.

4) You receive regular news and articles directly related to modeling. These include modeling, bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition. You will receive these on your regular Facebook feed, you need do nothing else. Just another benefit by joining our Facebook page.

5) Our Facebook page is primarily for models and those within the Taino culture and is a great way to intermingle with like minded individuals.

-Koa & Lilson-


Hablamos Espanol

Boriken Warrior Studios is located in Lares, Puerto Rico and is dedicated exclusively to the North American Taino Tribe of the island. Friend us on Facebook and request a model welcome packet (PDF) to familiarize yourself with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

-Koa & Lilson- .

My experience:
Owner/Photographer, Boriken Warrior Studios 2004-present
Majored in Photography, University of Hawaii
Official Army Photographer- Schofield Barracks and Ft. Shafter, Hawaii
Official Photographer- Sea Life Park, Hawaii
Official Photographer and writer- Newspaper, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Official Photographer-Honolulu Marathon, Hawaii, 2001
Gallery Showing- San Juan, Puerto Rico
Television Segment-Telemundo
Full Television Interview- Puertorriquñisimo, Channel 6 (Posted on website)
First Place Winner-Puerto Rico Foto Marathon, 1995
Army Veteran, Aviation 1979 - 1992


-Boriken Warrior Studios - Modeling-