Image Copyright and Intelectual Property Rights Violation
Why Boriken Warrior Studios will no longer post new images on this site.
As an example, Boriken Warrior Studios has been having copyright infringement and intelectual property right issues with the owner and operator of "Boricuas Tainos" on Facebook. The owner of the page has mis-appropriated practically every image on this site without authorization or compensation to the photographer or the models.
Boriken Warrior Studios contacted the individual and respectfuly asked him to remove the images on April 4th, 2011. Facebook was also involved in this situation.  As far as Facebook and I were concerned, the matter was settled. Unfortunately, it is not. Boricuas Tainos has the images on their Facebook page again. The owner has restricted viewing to "FRIENDS ONLY" and thinks that by doing so that we will not know about it. Make no mistake, Boricuas Tainos does not have any authorization to use the images and any such claim is simply not true. It therefore makes no sense for Boriken Warrior Studios to post new images on this site while this person and others simply come in and takes what, according to them,  is "free for the taking". Boriken Warrior Studios will therefore no longer publish new images for public viewing while this individual and others continue to selfishly and without regard to anyone but themselves, continue to take what is not theirs. The original message sent to Boricuas Tainos  via Facebook is below. Be aware that the image count is actually around 67.
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April 4
Koa Feliciano
Taino Images

Dear Boricuas Taina,

My name is Koa Feliciano, founder and owner of Boriken Warrior Studios.

It has recently come to my attention that you have transferred approximately 56 images from the Official Boriken Warrior Studios web site to your FaceBook account. I am very flattered that my images are to your sufficient liking to share them with others on your page. It is an honor to have my and the models appreciated in such a manner.

However, the images on the Boriken Warrior website have to be tightly controlled which is why they are all watermarked. Boriken Warrior Studios is a business and the images are intellectual property produced principally for commercial and cultural purposes.

An example of such use can be found at . Some images are being integrated into a Taino video game being produced by Vivos Entertainment. Many of the images will also be used to promote the video game as well as producing merchandise based on the game. Vivos Entertainment currently has exclusive rights to the images and they would not be receptive to the fact that those same images are being used outside of their control.

Boriken Warrior Studios is a legally registered business in the State of Puerto Rico. Certificado de Registro De Commerciante Codigo NAICS: 812920 Numero de Certificado: B00234170

The Business name and logo are also registered with the Departamento Del Estado effective 2004.

I am also going to ask you to click on the link below and read the entire page. I understand the tendency that people have to avoid reading legal stuff, but that page goes beyond legalities. I would very much appreciate you taking a few moments of your time to read it.

My images are registered with the United States Copyright Office in Washington, DC. That means that I have the ability to seek punitive damages against you for using the images without authorization. Punitive damages are currently set to a maximum of $150,000.00 per image..

In addition, Facebook stipulates in their TOS (Terms Of Service) that images containing nudity are not permitted. In other words, all it takes is one complaint from a Facebook user and your account may be shut down.

I understand that you probably used the images innocently and without being aware of copyright laws. That's understandable.

With all that in mind, I am sure that you will understand that the images from the Boriken Warrior Studios web site need to be deleted from your account. By doing so, you are protecting the work of myself and the models as well ensuring that your account remains open and available for others to share and enjoy.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. And if you would like to contribute to the making of future images, feel free to contact me at anytime. And if you know of anyone who would like to become a model for Boriken Warrior Studios, don't hesitate to have them contact me.

I realize that you have great pride in the Taino culture. I would therefore be honored if you added yourself to my FB friends list.

Thank you for your time, consideration and especially for your interest in Boriken Warrior Studios.

Boriken Warrior Studios

What you can do:
If you see our images being used by anyone, please take a screen shot of the page and send us that as well as a link so we can verify the usage.

If it is an illegal usage, we will submit a takedown order to their ISP provider immediately. We thank you very much for your help and continued support.

-Koa & Lilson Feliciano-